Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Refreshing Summer Scents Using Essential Oils

The sweet scents of summer include the aromatic fragrance of honey suckle and the fragrant purple blooms of lavender floating in the warm breeze and the damp summer perfume rising from the freshly cut lawn, the clean scent of the newly washed towels drying in the sun and the fresh ocean breeze wafting coconut and citrus. Generally, the summer scents take you down the memory lane.

Scent is a powerful mode of immediately changing our mood. Life generally abounds during summer as the herbs, trees and the flowers are in full bloom and the air is filled with aromatic fragrances. But when this same aromatic summer turns warm and sticky then most of our homes can use a little summer scent to feel fresh. Clean summer scents can do a lot to us, but it is very harmful to rely on the Plug-in air fresheners or even the sprays, as both contain harmful chemicals, which can cause harm if inhaled. Instead we should rely on the wisdom of our great grandmothers and use natural products to make our homes smell clean and refreshing.

So let the delightful aroma of the summer renew your mind and body and melt away your stress. Isn’t it much better to use essential oils rather than the perfumes made with chemicals? Authentic essential oils are more therapeutic and also have a fuller and yet a milder caress, as compared to the commercial perfumes. As the essential oils are in a concentrated form even a little drop can work wonders.

Zesty Lemon- This lemony clean fragrance can boost and lift up your spirits. So try rubbing it on the doorknobs or even you can try just peeling lemon and twisting the peel to release the fragrance into the room. You can even spread the lemony fragrance by simmering the lemon slices in the water on the stove.

Refresh with Lavender- Place dried lavender in an attractive container and place it next to your bed, to make your bedroom smell fresh and warm. This fragrance promotes sound sleep with peaceful dreams.

Rosemary Blotch- Try burning some sprigs of dried rosemary using an ashtray and as this scent spreads into the atmosphere in your home it turns refreshing and this technique is being used from past many centuries in sickrooms, since its anti microbial.

Sweet smelling Green Mist- Sprays and Mists are the easiest ways to add natural scent to your home and fight germs. Mists and sprays spread aromatherapy by using essential oils. Nothing could be easier than spraying a few drops on the doorknobs, telephones or bathroom surfaces. Essential oils are harmless as well as antibacterial and hence, they can be gifted in pretty bottles tied with a ribbon. Your sweet home will smell fresh too.

Vanilla, the odor remover- The vanilla bean has the properties to reduce odor so try this super trick to remove unwanted odors from your house.

Tricky Cinnamon- Try filling a pot with ground cinnamon and then enjoy the wafts of the sweet fragrance daylong.

Oil that symbolizes the summer season is bergamot. Bergamot oil is produced from the citrus fruit of tree called Citrus bergamia and this fragrance uplifts and relaxes. Bergamot also evokes joy as well as boosts self-confidence. Perfumists rely on bergamot’s magical ability to modify and harmonize the complex blends of oils and fragrance.

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