Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Feeling Stress Out About Life? The Best Way to Become De-Stressed.

Not sure what to expect when it comes to a massage from a Day Spa. Most people are a little intimidated their first time. Here are a few simple rules to follow to make the most of your massage.

First and foremost, you need to be early for your appointment. If you arrive late, you have already stressed out your body and you might as well have stayed home. Being stressed out will make it take longer for you to relax and you will not get the best out of your massage.
Make sure that you do not eat before your massage session. As some massage techniques can include pressure points, this can cause you to be uncomfortable.
It is also important to feel very comfortable with your masseuse. Most places ask that you remove all of your clothing. If you are not comfortable with this, you need to discuss it with the masseuse. Most places will work around you clothing. Keep in mind however that these are professionals that you are dealing with and you will not get the effects of complete stress relief if they do not have access to your skin in the areas that are bothering you.

Good communication is extremely important. You need to let the Day Spa know of any health information that might interfere with your session. You also need to let them know what you expect from the massage as well. During the session make sure to open your mouth and give feedback about the amount of pressure, room temperature, or the speed of movement. Anything that bothers you, you need to let them know. You have the right to stop the massage any time during the session if you do not like something that is being done.
Do your best to relax during the session. Breathing, trying not to tense up or even chatting can help you to relax. The masseuse will follow your lead.

Some things to remember after your massage: It is likely that you will feel light headed and dizzy right after the massage. Be aware to take your time getting up and off of the table. This will also allow you to reintegrate into your surroundings. After your massage you want to make sure to drink plenty of water. This will help to replenish it.
It is important to realize that the effects of massage are cumulative. The more you get a massage, the better your body will respond and you will feel more relaxed.

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