Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How to Pick a Reflexology School

How to Go About Choosing the Right Reflexology School
So you want to learn how to give your friends or family a reflexology session or maybe even are thinking about beginning a new career or part-time job that lets you help others who are looking for solutions that support wellness.

Maybe you have looked at holistic health or trade publications that speak about the opportunities for financial growth in the alternative health industry of which reflexology is a part. At this point you're asking yourself, "Where do I start?”
Slow down, relax. Here are a few tips by experts in the field about choosing the school that is right for you. Maybe you really like the holistic, body, mind and spirit connection of bodywork like reflexology. Or maybe you are a “just the facts” kind of person who likes to have scientific facts and data to back things up. Schools are as different as the students that attend their classes.
So, take the following tips and come up with some questions designed to get the particular answers you need to make your decision about the school that is the right choice for YOU. Then, check out the school setting to see if the atmosphere is right for you. Attend a clinic where the students get hands on experience by working on people like you. Ask the students questions about their class and what they think about it. Call and talk to the instructors. Remember you are hiring them to provide a service. So interview them first. Attend an open house to see the facilities and talk to the faculty.
Here are some five tips to help you pick the reflexology program and school that is a perfect match for you:
1. Have a reflexology session or two to experience the different styles of each therapist. Talk to them about their school and find out what they liked best and least.
2. Now let’s talk a little bit about you. Sit down and let your brain go and think with your pencil without worrying about legibility, grammar or whether it makes sense or not. No one needs to even see this but you. Answer some questions. Why do you want to learn reflexology? What did you like best about receiving reflexology? Least? Do you have any hang-ups about touching other people’s feet, hand or ears? What about strangers? Do you wish to practice reflexology as a gift for people you know or for others outside your circle of family and friends? Will you work part or full time on others? Will you have problems charging for your services? These are all important questions that you need to be honest with yourself about before you commit financially and personally to professional training like the IUPUI Reflexology Certification Program in Indianapolis.
3. Still unsure? Consider a short, community education course at your local school or university such as Indiana University, Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). The shorter hour courses offered through community education or community learning networks will probably provide sufficient instruction to work on family and friends. They will also give you a good idea whether or not you want study reflexology in a longer course for professionals which are typically 200 or more hours.
4. Review the materials and course descriptions. Note class requirements, instructor credentials costs, classroom hours, dates and length of the course. List questions the materials don’t address.
5. Interview the instructors. Look at whether they are nationally certified, still operate a practice and if the school is accredited and has a long-standing reputation.

These are all great ways to ensure that your reflexology training will be a great investment in your future as a professional reflexologist or that your community education class will help you learn enough about reflexology to work on your kids and friends.
For the right school in Indiana, call IUPUI Reflexology Certification Program at 317-403-5051 or go to

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