Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage: Oooh it feels so good.
What are the added benefits of having an aromatherapy massage?

Aromatherapy massage has benefits ranging from relaxation to encouraging a healthy immune system. It is the combination of aromatherapy, the use of essential oils to help heal and maintain a healthy body, and massage, the use of touch and pressure to achieve the same results. By using the two techniques together you will receive the maximum result. An aromatherapy massage can be a relaxing and pleasurable experience. You have probably had one, which is why you are here; to learn more about the art of an aromatherapy massage. Touch, through massage is extremely relaxing and beneficial; here is how you can boost your results with aromatherapy and essential oils.
To begin the massage, you must decide what the desired effect will be. This will determine what essential oil you will blend with your carrier oil. The carrier oil is what is used to dilute the essential oil, do not use undiluted essential oil directly on the skin. The choice of carrier oil depends on the skin type.
During an aromatherapy massage the essential oils enter the body two ways. First is through inhalation, the sense of smell is linked to our limbic system. The limbic system plays a part on our emotions and affects our nervous system. The essential oil will also be absorbed into the skin and eventually into the bloodstream where its effects can last for hours. This is the reason that massage is one of the best applications for aromatherapy, the ability for the oil to be applied to such a large area of skin. The actual results will depend upon what essential oils were chosen to give the aromatherapy massage with.
A full body aromatherapy massage will produce the best benefit. It will help relax the body, improves blood circulation, help reduce stress and can be used as preventative and maintenance therapy. If you are just learning the process of aromatherapy massage it is a good idea to start with areas of the body and understand the strokes before putting them all together for a full body aromatherapy massage.
The massage is a series of a few basic strokes. There are some that are meant to warm the muscles, like effleurage and fanning, to help relax and prepare for deeper tissue work. Other strokes like cupping and kneading are meant to work a little deeper during the aromatherapy massage treatment. You will need to learn and understand how to use each stroke individually and then put them together to do and entire full body aromatherapy massage.
A massage by itself has numerous benefits, but an aromatherapy massage offers so many more. As you continue to practice the art of aromatherapy and the art of massage you will find you just want to learn more and be able to understand how your body works and how you can help it to work its best. You can learn to live your life a little happier and with a little less stress if you understand how aromatherapy massage can benefit your life.

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